What I expect or want to happen on August 10 during the TCA’s: 

  • I want Ross & Laura to be going to the awards together or the A&A cast or even R5 with Laura & Vanessa instead of Ross and Maia -.- 
  • I expect RAURA to present an award together 
  • I expect a RAURA awards ceremony picture only them two or with the R5 & hugs
  • I want Laura Marano to win best comdey actress award 
  • I expect another RAURA interview together (long time since we had one) D;
  • I want them sitting next to or close to eachother. 
  • or anything RAURA related. PLEAASEEEEE

If none of these happen on that day… I’m done. ): </3 I’m actually excited to see what Laura will be wearing at the TCA’s because her outfits are on point now. SO BEAUTIFUL & FLAWLESS!

I’ll be pissed if Ross and Maia show up at the awards together again like at the Kids choice awards or was it the RDMA’s ? anyways, well  like no… promote Austin and Ally more instead of TBM2… I’m sorry. Raia no but Raura YES!